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Spotted: Refrigerators in the Bathroom

by Lori Black September 13, 2015

You read that right. Before you protest, here are seven good reasons why people are chilling in the bath

      I am constantly learning new things from the our customer comments. For example, a few weeks ago I was emailed a bathroom with a very dated “before” situation that included lots of black, lucite and gold faucet handles, a bidet and a refrigerator. I’ll hold off on what folks had to say about the bidet, as fans shared insight that was informative but, well, perhaps too much information. But the comment about a refrigerator in the bath — now, that was intriguing.

While all instincts tell us that food and toilets should not share the same space, A GoOpenbox user left a comment that taught me about storing creams and beauty products as well as keeping the mixings for a martini handy near the bathtub. It got me thinking about why it might actually be cool to have a refrigerator in the bathroom.
First off, saying that the toilets and the refrigerators were sharing the same space was misleading, as many baths have a separate water closet for the commode or are so large that the two items have plenty of distance between them. Besides, I’m not advocating prepping a charcuterie plate in here, I promise. So we’ll ignore the hygiene issues in the “con” column and concentrate on the “pro” column.
1. Morning caffeine and getting ready go together like coffee and cream. What’s better than having your java brewing while you’re soaping up in the shower in the morning? A small coffee bar, including a cool place to keep the cream, will let you wake up before you go anywhere. I know I could use some before I attempt descending the stairs first thing in the morning.

   2. It’s important to stay hydrated if you’re taking a long steam or soak. Having cool bottled water in the bathroom for    these moments, as well as for taking medicines and vitamins and for grabbing a bedtime drink, is luxuriously convenient.
3. Sometimes couples want to retreat to the suite for a nightcap. Or the suite has a balcony with a fabulous view. The dreamy space seen here has a wine chiller for stashing bottles of Champagne for toasts out on the adjacent balcony.

Lori Black
Lori Black


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