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Local New Jersey E-commerce company is offering free Cell phone charging and Free Snacks around NJ for all Pokemon GO players.

by Lori Black July 13, 2016

Local New Jersey E-commerce company  is offering free Cell phone charging and Free Snacks around NJ for all Pokemon GO players.

Press Release: Offering ‘Pokémon Go Players Free Cell Phone Charging and Free Snacks

 Local Woodbridge, New Jersey E-commerce company  is offering free Cell phone charging and Free Snacks around NJ for all Pokemon GO players.

Woodbridge, New Jersey — July 13, 2016 — Pokemon Go is a new augmented reality phone app that uses GPS to guide users to real-world landmarks for the purpose of collecting the digital cartoon creatures. It’s been downloaded by millions of people, causing Nintendo’s stock to soar.

Walking long distances helps users achieve game objectives, like hatching Pokémon eggs, encountering “Pokéstops” where they can collect gear to help catch new monsters and heal injured ones, and fighting their Pokémon at “gyms.”

But this particular Ecommerce Company wants to help those gamers who run out of battery and need a quick snack while playing the game.

They write on their facebook page:

We upgraded our mobile charging vehicle and are giving out free snacks as well as charge your phone at any pokestop. All the items we are giving out or letting players use will be available on our website.

Our charging vehicle is hard to miss. The modified 2001 blue Jeep Cherokee XJ sits high carrying tables and all the snacks and power they need. Currently we have 1 2000 watt inverter, an 800 watt power pack, 50+ 2600 MA portable power banks and we are carrying over 50,000 calories worth of food and snacks

“Have you ever played pokemon go and realize your battery is dying. is driving around to New Jerseys Poke-Stops and Gyms to bring you snacks and power for your phones. For 4 hours the CEO will personally drive around to New Jersey PokeStops & Gyms helping you catch them all starting in Woodbridge our homebase. We are using this opportunity to showcase some of our upcoming products in our grocery outlet category.

"Pokemon Go is a fantastic way to introduce people to opportunities they may have never otherwise had. Whether it's exercise, church or a new social situation, to ignore the potential for outreach would be to miss a huge opportunity".  - Drew Koehler, Founder, Geeks Under Grace is focused on helping retailers sell returned and excess inventory.

GoOpenBox states that much of their merchandise comes from retailers who ordered too much stock, items that were returned, or which received minor cosmetic blemishes to the packaging while in transit. In addition, they also offer open box and refurbished products. They purchase from merchants all around the world, including 7 of the top 10 retailers in the U.S. All returns and open box items are fully tested to ensure they are in proper working order, or they are returned to a fully functional state. For consumers who may be concerned about the quality or functionality of purchasing open box items, there is a 30 day guarantee on all products which ensures consumers will be satisfied with their purchases.

 –GoOpenBox is not announcing when the online grocery outlet category will launch. They want to focus on delivering the best products at the lowest prices.

For media inquiries:

Our charging and snack station.

Lori Black
Lori Black


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