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etsafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Deterrent Pbc00-11216 Plus 3 9v Batteries Petsafe Outdoor Birdhouse Stop Dog Barking PetSafe 50 ft. 729849112162


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The PetSafe 50 ft. Outdoor Bark Deterrent is ideal for discouraging neighborhood dogs from annoying and incessant barking. Point this deterrent in the direction of a dog and use the 3 sensitivity settings to determine what level of barking activates the unit. The deterrent emits ultrasonic sound waves only audible to dogs and is effective for any size dog within a 50 ft. radius.

  • For any size dog
  • Detects barking up to 50 ft.
  • 3 sensitivity levels to indicate what barking level activates the unit
  • Ultrasonic sound deters nuisance barking
  • Weatherproof
  • 2-color LED light provides good- or low-battery indication
  • Birdhouse design to match outdoor surroundings

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