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Produtrend Produtrend Vinylpal Portable Record Turntable Suitcase 780456445159


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 Brand: ProduTrend

Color: Blue


  • 2200 mAH Rechargeable battery will last you 4 Hours and Built-in Stereo speakers for Great sound
  • Suitcase enclosure allows easy portability
  • 3 playback speeds to accommodate 3 record sizes 7", 10" or 12"
  • Strong sturdy suitcase for stylish and practical portability
  • RCA output, headphone jack and auxiliary input for phone/mp3 player


Music on the Move

Wouldn’t it be awesome to take your records to the beach? To a friend’s house? Camping? Well you can do all that and more with Produtrend’s VinylPal portable turntable. With full bodied built-in stereo speakers and a conveniently 2200 mAH rechargeable battery, portability will be no problem with a VinylPal.

Great Sound in a Cool Case

The VinylPal suitcase sports a groovy, vintage aesthetic, embodying the nostalgia of a time when record players were the primary modes of rocking out. The suitcase itself is a beautiful sea blue colour that would suit any owner, dude or dudette. The VinylPal features belt-driven sound technology to ensure a steady, even sound with no speed-ups or slow-downs. You can listen to 4 hours of music before recharging the battery!

Versatility and Compatibility

The VinylPal offers 3 different playback speeds: 33.3, 45, or 78 RPM, allowing you to suitably play 7”, 10” or 12” records respectively. The VinylPal also features a headphone jack for personal grooving and an RCA output to enable you to run audio from your VinylPal into your home stereo or TV. It also has an auxiliary jack to allow you to hook up your mp3 player or smartphone. Now if those features don’t add up to versatility, what does?

Help Vinyl Make a Comeback

Sure, mp3 players are convenient, but nothing compares to listening to music the way it was intended to be heard, on a vinyl turntable. Once you start using your VinylPal you’ll be hooked by its smooth, rich sound and 70’s feel, so get yours today to help start a Vinyl revolution!

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